Qstands are proud to offer a range of unique, queue management, pedestrian guidance and queue barrier systems in Australia. Reception areas, waiting areas, entrances and even cafes can sometimes get really crowded and managing these crowded places can be a difficult task. However, one such solution for controlling crowded areas is by installing or setting up rope bollards or belt barriers.

Add a touch of class to your next VIP event or function with QStands barriers, providing an elegant pathway to manage patrons when entering an event, bar, restaurant or club. We offer a large range of retractable barriers and high quality rope barriers allowing you to control pedestrian flow and manage queues in an orderly, clearly defined way.

Optional Sign holders create an effective communication and advertising platform direct to your customers and wall fixings allow for easy connection points to adjacent walls.

Our Wall Mounted Retractable Belt barriers offer an ideal solution for cordoning off specific areas and managing traffic flow. Wall units with an extendable belt barrier is ideal when you need a permanent, space saving barrier solution where you don’t have the floor space necessary for full-sized stands.

Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers

Qstands Black 3mtr and 5mtr Wall Mounted Belt Barriers offer an ideal solution for cordoning off specific areas and managing traffic flow in and around your venue.

Stylish, functional, safe & affordable.

Our Black 3mtr and 5mtr Wall Mounted Belt Barriers come in a black powder coated finish, they feature tough steel housings with a built in woven polyester retractable belt. Opposite wall attachment clip and hardware is also included. Qstands Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers have two built-in safety features, including an anti-tamper belt lock and slow-retract braking mechanism.

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Queue Barrier Systems Australia

Visit the individual products to get a better understanding of which belt barrier best suits your needs. Installing barriers in offices, workshops and industrial premises can be extremely useful in order to maintain order and safety in the workplace.

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