Red Velvet Barrier Rope 1.5mtr with Silver Clips

This red velvet crowd control rope is both durable and elegant. At 1.5m long, when hung between two stands (not included) and allowed to hang it creates a perfect span. Each end of the rope is capped with a heavy duty hanging hook with self closing clasps.

Rope barriers are regularly used in crowd control and queue management when an elegant look is sought. These sophisticated looking ropes with spring-loaded silver hooks at either end are perfect for more elegant settings. The plush, red velvet rope will upgrade the look of any place that it is used in. Designed to work with standard barrier poles and wall hooks.

Prices inclusive of GST (each)

18 in stock



18 in stock

Velvet Barrier Rope Red.

Barrier Ropes provide a stylish and versatile solution for cordoning areas and queue management.

The Qstands Red Velvet Rope features a stunning velvet finish and is made from tough yet high quality materials to create a stylish and elegant pathway. Its decorative quality is matched only by its durability and effectiveness at controlling queues.

  • High quality – part of our premium range providing excellent build quality
  • Colours: Red, Blue & Black
  • Rope Dia: 32mm
  • Rope length: 1.5m
  • Security – deter access to restricted areas
  • Assembly – quick & simple to attach to barrier posts
  • Robust – high quality velvet rope
  • Light weight – easy to move around and reposition
  • Value – excellent value for money for a quality product

Red Velvet rope barriers are the perfect crowd and queue management system for venues such as hotels, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and conference centres where the décor requires a more classic and stylish control system. Made from a super soft material, the red velvet rope is strong and looks luxurious. It is also possible to select the finish of the hooks that are attached to your rope to match your chosen posts, finishing the sleek and sophisticated look off perfectly.

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