An elegant, high quality, durable solution to queuing and queue management, our queue bollards feature a stylish polished finish and are superior in build quality to many similar units. Simply attach a barrier rope to the post (stanchion) by joining the clips together in order to create clear, designated pedestrian flow.

We offer luxurious ropes in your preference of black, blue and red in velvet or braided styles. Each Brass or Chrome rope end is fitted with a spring loaded clip to secure rope to pole. You have the choice to create your own configuration by buying individual posts, ropes and accessories.

Rope bollards are ideal for banks, hotels, receptions, retail outlets, museums and more – In fact anywhere that you need a crowd management system.

Need to separate an area during a party, conference or event?

Then these elegant and modern barrier posts are a great choice!
The rope is braided or velvet covered with a durable polished silver or gold fitting at both ends.
These rope barriers can also enhance the look of your entrance and are perfect for maintaining entrance security.


These queue barriers are suitable for a variety of purposes. They are designed for use with our deluxe braided or plush velvet ropes with snap lock. The ropes can be connected to the posts from all sides. It is also perfectly possible to combine the barrier posts and the ropes with wall brackets for a more permanent solution.

Stanchion rubber floor protector

Floor Protection

Full Circumference Floor Protector.
QStands rope bollards feature the best floor protection in its class, the heavy-duty rubber ring provides full contact floor protection around the circumference of the base and will last the life of the barrier.

Traditional Rope Bollards (or Stanchions) are a common sight in many places that require a way to order and manage a queue. These Barrier Posts allows for an easy and affordable way to create lanes and aisles that are able to handle any number of customers while at the same time adding to the decor of a location and looking aesthetically pleasing indoors. Posts are able to be moved around quickly, giving freedom to rearrange as the company sees fit in a short period of time.

Qstands Rope Posts are designed with a 4-way rope connector ring, increasing its versatility since it allows the formation of corners. The posts are 1000mm high and have a diameter of 63mm. These stand atop a weighted 320mm base with built-in rubber floor protector. The Rope Stands are up to 7.2kg in weight and are a great addition to any company’s interior design theme.

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