We offer replacement belt cassettes with a 2mtr or 3mtr belt in any of our available stock colors.

These are a complete drop-in unit designed to replace a damaged unit or if you just want change the color of your belt. Our cassettes feature a 4-way adapter for receiving three other tapes. In addition, the replacement belts are housed within a plastic cassette that can be quickly and easily attached on our crowd barrier posts.

Qstands replacement belt cassettes have two built-in safety features, including an anti-tamper belt lock and slow-retract braking mechanism.

Quickly and easily replace worn cassettes!

There may come a time when the belt of your stand has retracted for the last time.
But why should you buy an entirely new barrier stand when you can purchase a Replacement Belt Cassette and install it yourself?
Perfect whether you need a replacement, back-up, or just want to keep some extra color options on hand for your retractable belt stands.

replacement belt cassettes for sale

Color Options

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow/Black
  • No Entry
  • Custom*
barrier post belt connection

Barrier Features

* 4 way belt adaptor for receiving three other belts

* Belt lock to prevent accidental release

* Slow belt retracting mechanism for safety

1 Year Warranty

qstands barrier warranty

Easy to Install

qstands barrier assembly

Fast Shipping

qstands fast shipping
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