Qstands Retractable Barriers offer an effective solution to managing queues and directing customers. They also help to facilitate a smooth and organised staff-to-client interaction process. Our Retractable Belt Barriers are stylish, functional, safe & affordable and come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Qstands Silver or Black Retractable Belt Barriers are available in 2mtr, 3mtr and 5mtr lengths! Featuring an anti-tamper belt lock and slow-retract braking mechanism. All of our barrier posts are easily assembled by setting the base of the stand on the ground and screwing in the post with no tools required, making set up quick and hassle-free.

Ideal for airports, exhibitions, conferences , banking, crowd control, anywhere you need a flexible queue solution.

Each unit includes:
(1) Retractable belt barrier post in Polished Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Black finish.
(1) Polyester belt in your choice of color and length.
(1) Matching base.
Features and Benefits:
* Rubber floor protector on base prevents damage to surfaces.
* Easy and quick assembly, no tools required.
* These units are not weather-proof, we recommend using them indoors or under cover.
* 1 Year warranty.
Stanchion rubber floor protector

Floor Protection

Full Circumference Floor Protector

QStands features the best floor protection in its class, the heavy-duty rubber ring provides full contact floor protection around the circumference of the base and will last the life of the barrier.

barrier post belt connection

Barrier Features

* 4 way belt adaptor for receiving three other belts

* Belt lock to prevent accidental release

* Slow belt retracting mechanism for safety

An expanding barrier can assist in the control of a crowd even in the busiest situations. Regardless of whether you’re participating in an event opening, a concert, or a social function, a retractable post barrier can help you keep people in line and help ensure that the crowd continues to file past smoothly and safely.

The 8.2kg weight make it sturdy enough to stand up to light jostling while the 910mm post height ensures it is sturdy and visible for attendees. Additionally, our belt barrier stands features a solid 320mm diameter concrete base with a built-in rubber protector to prevent marks and scuffing to floors.

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No tools required!

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