Our wall mounted retractable safety barriers come in polished silver or black powder coated finish and feature a tough steel housing and built in woven polyester retractable belt.

Wall mounted belt barriers offer an ideal solution for cordoning off specific areas and managing traffic flow in and around your venue. These high quality belt barriers can be used just about anywhere. Perfect for warehouses, doorways, checkouts, garage doors, nightclub entrances, box office queues, school cafes, trade shows and more.

The wall mount barrier is the perfect solution to your crowd control problems. Stylish, functional, safe & affordable our wall mounted belt barriers come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Qstands wall mounted belt barriers have two built-in safety features, including an anti-tamper belt lock and slow-retract braking mechanism

Wall mounted unit with extendable, spring loaded belt barrier. A wall receiving bracket to which the extended belt can be attached is included. The belt can also be attached to a post.

The barrier system does not take up any floor space when used with the supplied belt receiving bracket. For added flexibility, combine it with a free standing barrier post, which allows you to attach the belt to a movable point. The spring loaded barrier belt retracts automatically back into the housing when you let go of it. The design of the belt includes a function that ensures slow and steady retraction back into the unit in order to prevent injuries.

Red Belt Wall Mount Barrier

Wall Mounts

Our economical wall mounted belt Barriers and belt plates are a great solution when you need to section off areas for crowd control purposes, but don’t have the floor space necessary for full-sized stands.

Ideal for space saving!

Wall units with an extendable belt barrier is ideal when you need a permanent, space saving barrier solution. It is suitable for cordoning off areas and dividing up almost any space including warehouses, workshops, cinemas, stores, cafés or airports.

qstands barrier assemblyEasy to Install!
The retractable belt barrier is the perfect solution to promote safety and restrict access to certain areas. These compact, attractive wall mount barriers can be mounted on just about any surface quickly and effortlessly.
The wall mounted belt barriers from QSTANDS can be used wherever wall to post or wall to wall closures are required. The 3.0m and 5.0m belt barriers come in black & yellow stripe, red, blue or solid black. These barriers are easy to drill into the wall and come with a belt receiving clip and mounting screws.

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